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It's Bruce Springsteen tour rumor time -- but what kind of tour?

We can safely say the 2022 tour will not be in the barn.

Well, Springsteen on Broadway has ended (again) and the world is timidly opening back up (at least in parts of the world that have managed to get themselves fairly well vaccinated). That can mean only one thing: The much-heralded 2022 tour for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band must be in the works! Mustn't it?

The rumor mill has certainly started -- our friends at the Irish Examiner has confidently declared that "Bruce Springsteen set to play Cork and Dublin concerts," as if that were an actual thing that had been announced. Of course it hasn't, but those of us who've been through this dance more than a few times know the drill: Rumors start, dates leak, announcements are accidentally posted on the Internet and then deleted -- and then, boom, tickets are on sale before you can say "Pay Me My Money Down." (A song that will probably not appear on any setlists in 2022.)

So the question is not so much if or even when Bruce will tour -- he's talked pretty openly about hitting the road in 2022, and seems to be getting himself into fighting shape -- but what kind of tour we're going to get.

Thanks to the pandemic, he's released two new studio albums since the River Tour in 2016; rumors persist of a "Tracks 2" release as soon as this December; and who knows, the success of the River Tour might have Bruce hankering to bring another full album on the road (maybe one featuring a big American flag and a famous butt?).

So given that Bruce always does exactly what the fans want (ahem), we thought it would be only appropriate to take your temperature and let him know. Answer the Blogness on the Edge of Town poll below, and we'll feature your responses in a future post. (Although personally, he could just come out and sing Stevie's book and we'd be happy at this point.)



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