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Ready for 'Letter': It's the Bruce Springsteen 'Letter To You' news, reviews & video roundup!

As tends to happen right before the release of a new Bruce Springsteen album, there is a deluge of content (as the kids say) from and about The Boss. First of all, Apple TV wound up dropping the "Letter to You" documentary a day early, so you can call in sick to work and watch that right now. Also, Bruce has been making the rounds, talking to the likes of the New York Times and appearing on Stephen Colbert and in an hour-long Apple Music interview. Let's get to it!

UPDATE: Now you can write your own Letter to Bruce.


First off, it's worth an hour of your time to see Bruce looking tan, rested and ready during this in-depth talk for Apple Music. (Even if it's probably a good thing Zane Lowe and him weren't in the same room, because you get the sense that Zane would have never stopped hugging him.)

If you only have 20 minutes though, Bruce had a great sit-down with Colbert last night. (Apparently we weren't the only ones listening to "Born to Run" all the way through on its 45th anniversary.)

As for print:

New York Times also goes deep with their Q&A on "Letter To You" and more, "Bruce Springsteen Is Living in the Moment."

Jay Lustig is doing a bang-up job rounding up the highlights of Bruce's "Letter To You" SiriusXM specials for

Chris Jordan of says there's a post-credit surprise on the "Letter To You" doc, like a superhero movie.

Jordan also sums up Springsteen's USA Today interview in "Life, death and the code of the E Street Band"

Steve Baltin of Forbes gets the view from E Street with a Q&A with Stevie and Nils. And also with Thom Zimny on making the doc.

ICYMI: Must-read interviews with Rolling Stone and AARP.

UPDATE, Thursday 6 p.m:

NPR conducts a fascinating interview with Bruce that could be subtitled "Spaghetti with Pavarotti."



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UPDATE, Thursday 6 p.m:

Slate: On Bruce Springsteen’s New Album, the Boss Reflects on the Boss

Independent: The Boss’s 20th studio album comes as close to the electricity of live music as it gets


Rolling Stone: 'Letter to You’ Review: Bruce Springsteen’s Long, Loving Look Back

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We'll keep adding links, so be sure to check back!

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