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Bruce Springsteen News & Video Roundup: Streaming Outta Fenway Edition

Bruce Springsteen returned to live performance last night, sort of, beaming in from New Jersey to perform "Rose Tattoo" and "American Land" with the Dropkick Murphys in an empty Fenway Park. It was ... a little weird, but also a happy distraction from a world on fire.

If you're impatient, you can scroll to around 2:14 in the video above, but the whole show is more than worth your while -- especially if you have a love for Boston. (Sorry, New Yorkers.)

Meanwhile, if you've missed any of Bruce's four "From His Home To Yours" DJ sessions on E Street Radio, all are available on demand from (Including the one where he invites us all to a party at his place.) Definitely worth at least a temporary subscription to hear his words of wisdom on these troubled times.

Also, if your 2020 is going like this, we feel you:

And in other Bruce news you may have missed:

Assuming school's in session, looks like Bruce has his next "gig" lined up: Addressing incoming freshmen at Boston College.

ICYMI, we asked what songs were getting you through the pandemic, and you responded -- check out the 100 tracks (half by Bruce Springsteen, half by others) on the resulting playlist here.

Photography buffs take note: Mitch Slater goes "Behind the Lens" with the one-and-only Pam Springsteen and Frank Stefanko in his new podcast.

Got an Internet connection and some time to kill? Register to tune in when the “Springsteen as History” Project presents Marilisa Merolla in conversation with Robert Santelli.

Bono writes letters to the artists behind "60 Songs That Saved My Life," including Bruce -- calling "There Goes My Miracle" "the greatest singing and writing of your life." Kind of disturbing that Bono's life needed saving as recently as last year, but a fascinating pick nonetheless.

You probably don't need more proof that Bruce is a great guy, but this interview with Crystal Taliefero (of The Other Band, natch) is further evidence.

Far Out Magazine offers "three of Bruce Springsteen's finest deep cuts," and they are pretty fine.

Finally, R.I.P. Little Richard, a true original.



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