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For its 50th anniversary, rate the songs on Springsteen's first album

It's a new year, but not just any new year: It's the first one since 2016 that will feature a tour by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. But that's not the only reason 2023 will be a special one in Springsteen Country.

No, this year will also mark a momentous anniversary: In just a few days (January 5, to be precise), we'll mark half a century since the release of Bruce Springsteen's very first album, "Greetings from Asbury Park, NJ." It was released on that date by Columbia Records, less than seven months after Bruce was signed to the label following an audition with the legendary John Hammond a month prior.

It would probably be exaggerating to say that Springsteen exploded onto the music scene fully formed with that release — he'd spend at least a couple of albums finding his voice and seeking ways to break out from the dreaded "New Dylan" label. But there's no denying that "Greetings" continues more than just flashes of brilliance — several of its classic tracks could arguably still be considered among his best work.

More to come on "Greetings" and its legacy when we celebrate the anniversary January 5. But in the meantime, here's your chance to weigh in: Rate each of the tracks on a scale of 1 to 5 below (5 being the best), and we'll share the ratings later this week as we mark 50 years of Springsteen's recorded output. (And many more to come, we hope!)

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1 Comment

Tony Pringle
Tony Pringle
Jan 02, 2023

Don't think that Lost in The Flood gets the love it should. If it was on The Wild, The Innocent, Born To Run or Darkness it would get a whole lot more recognition. Easily in his top 5 of epic tales

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