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Fox host calls Springsteen a pinko, somehow still likes 'Born in the USA'

This is kind of hilarious. Fox News host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, whose name is extremely white even for Fox, was none too pleased when someone decided to use "Glory Days" as the show "Outnumbered" was coming back from commercial, taking the occasion to declare of Bruce Springsteen, "I think he's a commie" and that he's "turned into a massive pinko!" Here's a clip:

Oops! That's actually a clip of Archie Bunker in "All In The Family," which is the last time anybody used the term "commie pinko" with a straight face, until this week. Here's the Fox clip:

The piece de resistance, of course, is what Kennedy Montgomery says in between "commie" and "pinko": "I like ‘Born In The U.S.A.,’ la la la la la, but he’s turned into a massive pinko." Now, first of all, the song with the la la las is "Darlington County," not "Born In The U.S.A.," but that's neither here nor there. More notable is that, like every conservative to come along the pike since George Will, she's clearly never, you know, listened to it.

Regardless, I can only hope that whatever control room staffer chose "Glory Days" as the show's play-in music is part of some kind of undercover Fox resistance having a giant chuckle over it, like the the guy who picked "Funeral for a Friend" and the theme from Titanic at that Trump rally.



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