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Video Post: Bruce Springsteen, Hockenheim 7/21/23


1. No Surrender

2. Ghosts

3. Prove It All Night

4. Letter To You

5. The Promised Land

6. Out In The Street

7. Darlington County

8. Working On The Highway

9. Kitty's Back

10. Nightshift

11. Mary's Place

12. The River

13. Last Man Standing

14. Backstreets

15. Because The Night

16. She’s The One

17. Wrecking Ball

18. The Rising

19. Badlands

20. Thunder Road

21. Born To Run

22. Bobby Jean

23. Glory Days

24. Dancing In The Dark

25. Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

26. I’ll See You in My Dreams

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2023년 10월 01일
As far as I know, all these broadcasts with performances were live. Thank you for writing them down! By the way, if you did this using one of these methods for recording video streams, then tell me which one, maybe I will do the same.
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