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Mike Derrico writer, podcast host, Springsteen fan on Set Lusting Bruce

Hello everyone, Jesse here! I have a new episode of Set Lusting Bruce that I hope you will check out.

Mike Derrico is the host of the Rock Under Fire Podcast. He is also a writer: His first book is "Autumn and Everything After: The Murder of John Lennon, Evolution of Bruce Springsteen & the Birth of the Reagan Era."

In the description of the book, Mike writes, "The last months of 1980 were a political and artistic crossroads for three of the most influential people of modern times. In this critical exploration into a pivotal period of musical and political history, these three lives inadvertently intersect and intertwine during the last months of 1980 and beyond, in ways in which the influence is still felt today."

And last November he published his first novel, "The Locker Notes." He joined me earlier this summer to discuss both books and his Springsteen fandom. Listen below — and as always, check out past episodes at!

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1 Comment

Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson
Jun 20, 2022

Hope everyone enjoys our conversation!

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