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Never Have I Ever: Bruce Springsteen Edition!

This concept came to me in a dream (yeah, so I dream in Springsteen lyrics — is that so wrong?), so I whipped it together and shared on Twitter and Facebook last night. And much to my surprise, people are actually doing it! (Although some scores seem suspiciously low — I doubt that many people have seen a one-legged dog makin' his way down the street.)

If you think about it, there are worse ways to prove your Springsteen bonafides — anyone can buy his albums or go to 100 concerts, but how many of us have huddled on the beach in a mist? Drove all night to buy shoes? Went out for a ride and never went back? Had debts no honest man could pay? (Wait, that last one is ... let me check my notes ... 99% of us.)

Feel free to share, and also let me know your scores and what other items Springsteen fans might want to chronicle. (Libby Allen on Facebook mentioned that she had run with her arms open wide before the tide, an excellent suggestion.)

[BTW, the version shared last night had a couple of repeats – oops. The above version is corrected.]

1 comment

1 Comment

Adrian M.
Adrian M.
Apr 10, 2022

Forever Bruce Springsteen -The Boss. He's is 'The Prophet of Rock'. American legend and Rock N Roll laureate who inspired and touched a billion lives with his immortal songs..God bess.

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