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POLL: What was Springsteen's best release of the 2010s?

Was one of these your favorite Springsteen release of the 2010s?

Could we really be coming to the end of another decade? I'll be frank, these are starting to go by with alarming frequency. Fortunately for us, though, this most recent 10-year stretch brought with it a remarkable level of output from Mr. Bruce Springsteen, with albums, boxed sets, a gosh-darn memoir and more than a few surprises.

But which rises to the top of the heap? As we get ready to mark the arrival of the 2020s (!!), take a minute to respond to the poll below (or here) -- we limited it to releases that included at least some previously unreleased content, but feel free to utilize "Other" if we left out something you loved. Results to come later this month!



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