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'We're Alive Out Here!' A Social Distancing Springsteen Playlist

First things first: Has everyone done this?

(Thanks to Blogness reader David Hensel for sharing -- you can make your own at

Now that we have that out of the way, here's hoping that everyone out there is healthy and, if not thriving, at least surviving in this hopefully temporary brave new world of social distancing, shutdowns and shelters in place. These are strange days indeed, but remember, faith will be rewarded, and so will staying put. (Remember, our man Mr. Springsteen is in at at-risk group -- that should be motivation enough to keep your potentially germy self behind closed doors.)

But while you're behind those doors, spending some quality time with Bruce's music would seem like a necessity. After all, with all its gotten us through up until now, it's a no-brainer that we would lean on his work to help keep us sane until all this blows over. If visuals are your thing, Springsteen Inc. has released London Calling: Live in Hyde Park for free on YouTube, one of a bunch of concerts he's made available there of late.

But if pulling the shades, raising the volume and listening to the Springsteen songs that have made up the soundtrack of life's toughest times sounds like the way to go, you could do a lot worse than this: A playlist of 23 classic tracks chosen by Blogness readers today, in a poll that drew 337 responses in short order.

You can find the top 20 finishers, from the inspirational (the top finisher, "Land of Hope and Dreams") to the desperate ("Darkness on the Edge of Town") to the danceable ("Dancing in the Dark"). And full disclosure, it ends with three songs that didn't crack the top finishers but that I personally have found myself returning to as we grapple with what was unfathomable just a few days ago:

  • "Lonesome Day," which seemed only appropriate for the age of social distancing;

  • "This is Your Sword," with its promise of unfailing support from those closest to you and its reminder to "Do not despair, our love is real"; and

  • "This Hard Land," with its admonition to "Stay hard, stay hungry, stay alive."

You do the same, Bruce, and we'll see you next year from the pit, when we're back to leaning on each other literally as well as figuratively.



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