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Springsteen Birthday Poll: Pick your favorite 'Stage of Springsteen'

Updated: Sep 15, 2019

It's hard to believe it, but we're just one short week away from marking the 70th birthday of one Mr. Bruce Springsteen. (Yes, I know -- how old does that make us??) He's of course aging beautifully, but it's worth noting just how many different personas have made up those seven decades, particularly the last 45 years of his storied career.

Now, he's no David Bowie or Madonna, but Bruce has definitely gone through plenty of different stages over the course of his career, be they in his tonsorial and fashion choices or his general vibe. In fact, it was a challenge to narrow them down, but we've come up with what we're calling the "Seven Stages of Springsteen." There are certainly more -- the man contains multitudes -- but we feel like these, taken together, represent Springsteen over the years.

But which stage are we all most enamored of? Take the poll below (or here) and let us know which holds the most space in your heart -- and if your favorite isn't there, explain why under "Other." We'll have the results in time for Bruce's birthday next week!



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