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Bruce News Roundup: There's a Bruce Springsteen emoji, and all is right with the world

It's a silly thing to get excited about -- we're sure Sony paid a pretty penny for the privilege, after all -- but we're kind of beside ourselves about the Springsteen Twitter emoji. So sue us.

You can't go wrong with the old Born in the USA/white t-shirt/raised arm look (courtesy of Annie Liebowitz, natch), although I might have gone with something more festive. Regardless, whatever strings were pulled to make it happen, it clearly was worth it: Bruce was trending on Twitter, and even Newsweek marked the occasion.

A slightly more substantive Springsteen development today, though, was the release of his collaboration with author and anti-Trump filmmaker Don Winslow. Winslow has been teasing it for weeks, and it's a doozie: Called "America Needs Pennsylvania," it uses "Streets of Philadelphia" as the background to testimonials about how Donald Trump has failed the Keystone State.

Clearly Bruce won't be pulling out his acoustic guitar to rally for Joe Biden -- except maybe virtually -- so this is a fine way to show his support for the cause.

Meanwhile, "Letter to You" buzz keeps building -- we're just 10 days out from the album and the Apple TV+ documentary chronicling its making. Check out the teaser to that flick below, and as we count down, here are some other Springsteen headlines worth your while.

The 40th anniversary of "The River" is coming! Don't forget to rate your favorite tracks in our River birthday poll.

Chris Jordan at the Asbury Park Press seems genuinely convinced that Bruce is throwing a big party when all this is over, and we're invited.

ICYMI: Don't worry, Bruce isn't retiring: He just sat down for a deep dive with AARP magazine, including "10 Personal Questions."

Bruce Springsteen will be on the HBO special to mark this year's pandemic-postponed Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, where he will be honoring his longtime manager Jon Landau, who will receive the Ahmet Ertegun award and hopefully will not sing.

Video Flashback: This 1978 clip is pretty great, and not just because it features the old Eyewitness News Team:

And yes, Derek Carr is saying "Bruce Springsteen" to call that audible.



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