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Springsteen News Roundup: Yes, Bruce's DNC video was flagged by Facebook for 'false information'

Blogness took a crack at the #2020Challenge.
Blogness took a crack at the #2020Challenge.

If you're like me you may have excitedly shared the excellent Democratic National Committee video set to "The Rising" that debuted at the convention Monday night, only to wake up confused. By Tuesday morning, the post was gone from the Blogness on the Edge of Town Facebook page, like it never existed. And I hadn't even been drinking, really.

Turns out Facebook had pulled the video, citing "false information" about COVID-19, of which there was none. And shortly thereafter, the mult-zillion dollar company came out to say it was all a big whoopsie: "The label was applied by mistake and was quickly removed once we became aware of the issue," Facebook's spokesperson Katie Derkits told the USA Today Network New Jersey, according to Chris Jordan in the Asbury Park Press.

But my sharing of the post never returned to my FB page, something that I'm sure was repeated thousands of times over among folks who sent it out Monday night. The whole thing sounds suspicious to me ... Could Zuckenberg be a closet Trumper? I never trust those Harvard types.

Meanwhile, you can watch the video below -- and perhaps ask yourself, as Esquire did, whether "The Rising" is in danger of becoming a "mindless jingle" through overexposure -- and find the latest Springsteen news you need to know below that.

HEADLINES: • This is Radio Clash! Springsteen will be featured in a virtual Joe Strummer tribute this Saturday, Aug. 21.

Jay Lustig offers his usual roundup and meticulous transcription of the latest "From My Home to Yours" Sirius XM DJ session, "In Dreams," at (For those of you dying to hear about Bruce's first sexual experience but would rather read it than listen to it.)

ICYMI, Rolling Stone has a lovely feature on Patti and her new album, which includes this nugget: “We’ve been sharing a studio, and Bruce has just been so prolific lately that it’s hard for me to get in there.” Hmmm...

Heads up, Nils fans: The Bruce Springsteen Archives and Center for American Music at Monmouth University will sneak preview Lofgren's new album, “Weathered,” at 10 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 20.

If you've always wanted to hear Nancy Wilson of Heart sing Springsteen's "The Rising," you're in luck.

I probably shouldn't spend $23 on this, right? Because I really kind of want to.

Far Out Magazine has created a 39-hour Springsteen music playlist ... So basically all of it.

A nice story and one of the many reasons we love Bruce. (We knew he'd come through.)

Some pretty snazzy "Happy Birthday" harmonizing from Bruce & Patti in this birthday tribute to the one and only DION!

Finally, Stevie's version of "Tucson Train" ... Better than Bruce's? Discuss. (There is no argument to be had about this video, however -- it's AWESOME.)

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