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Springsteen's 'Western Stars,' the movie, is here! Catch up on coverage, reviews and video

Bruce Springsteen in "Western Stars."

Plenty of people got to experience Bruce Springsteen's "Western Stars" early this week, thanks to advance screenings hosted by Fathom Events -- and, in Freehold, by Bruce himself, who showed up to offer a personal introduction. (Let's face it, the man is everywhere.) But as of Friday, the film is screening in multiplexes and film houses all over, and the buzz is, well, buzzing -- in no small part to Springsteen's own promotion efforts.

Here's a rundown of some of the most noteworthy coverage, reviews and video interviews -- more to come as they roll in! Meanwhile, let us know your thoughts on "Western Stars" in the comments.






"Sundown" from "Western Stars"

CBS This Morning: "Bruce Springsteen on new film, marriage and 'trying to repair myself'"

CBS This Morning: "Bruce Springsteen on his relationship with his father, parenting and Trump"

The Bellissimo Files: "Bruce Springsteen Talks Being The Boss, Real Life Struggles & Western Stars"

Graham Norton: "Bruce Springsteen Broke Into Graceland To Meet Elvis Presley"

Graham Norton: "Bruce Springsteen Practiced Mick Jagger Moves In Front Of A Mirror"

Jimmy Kimmel Live:

TIFF 2019: WESTERN STARS Cast and Crew Q&A



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