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THESE ARE BETTER DAYS: Kick off the Biden Era with a Bruce Springsteen post-election playlist

With media outlets finally calling the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden's favor after four agonizing days of counting, it seems it's all over but the shouting. Well, and the lawsuits. And, possibly, Donald Trump being dragged forcibly from the White House. (Which, like the rest of his presidency, would be kind of funny if it wasn't such a bad look for the country.)

Regardless, Bruce Springsteen -- like so many of us -- must be feeling a fair amount of relief and satisfaction at the outcome, after going all in for Biden in the waning days of the campaign. It didn't work for Kerry or Clinton, but this time was apparently the charm: My guess is it was reciting Elayne Griffin Baker's poem that did it.

And now, after appropriate celebration, there's much work to be done, for President-Elect Biden and all the rest of us. It's never been more apparent how divided a country this is, with almost 70 million people thinking four more years of Trump were exactly what we needed, and about 75 million completely bewildered as to how that's possible. (And then there's the 194 million eligible voters who didn't bother -- don't even get me going on them.)

So how do we start? With a Bruce Springsteen playlist of course.

Here are 46 Springsteen songs that offer hope ("Better Days"), grit ("No Surrender"), wonder ("Surprise, Surprise"), dedication ("Prove It All Night"), realism ("Real World"), exuberance ("Be True"), a sense of the nation's promise ("American Land") and acknowledgement of the hard work ahead ("Long Walk Home"). Plus "Sleepy Joe's Cafe," because we have a sense of humor.

Consider it the Bruce Springsteen Woke Up Four Days After Election Day Playlist:

Listen, celebrate, enjoy ... And then on to whatever's next for America. The suspense is killing me.



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