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Time for some Springsteen Holiday Shopping!

Do you have your holiday gift shopping finished? If not, (and who does?) and you have Springsteen fans on your list, here's a collection of Bruce Springsteen related items any fan would love.

Two of my favorite artists creating Springteen items are Mike and Mary Olson. They are a husband and wife team with a shop on Etsy called Pizza Wednesday. You can see their work on the instagram accounts Mike Olson Art and Shop Pizza Wednesday. Here are a few of their newest Springsteen items with links to where you can find them on Etsy, but know they have a lot more than just Springsteen, so it's worth looking through their entire shop.

The newest artist on my list of favorites is From the Shed, located in the UK. They have a great Springsteen mug, posters, cards and buttons. Check out their instagram and Etsy shop for Springsteen and more. Watch for a new Springsteen design that I've been told is coming soon!

I really adore this mug, the fact that it's an original Springsteen design makes it one of the best I've seen.

Bobby Zeik is a painter that incorporates street art into his fine art techniques and paintings. His work has a graffiti feel and he has Springsteen prints and original paintings for sale. You can also find him on instagram.

Although the Western Stars Album was released months ago. If the Springsteen fan on your list doesn't have the Limited Edition Dark Blue 2x LP Vinyl, it's available on Definitely a must have for a collector. There's also a Clear With Blue Smoke Color Vinyl version.

Did you know the Western Stars Songs From the Film can be purchased as a Limited Edition 2 XLP Clear Vinyl with Blue and White Marbling? All the Springsteen fans I know would love to receive this album during the holidays!

Looking for a few stocking stuffers? How about the Blinded By the Light DvD or Blinded By The Light soundtrack; there's even a Limited Edition Orange 2x LP Vinyl. This is an uplifting movie that will check-off all the emotional ranges. It’s funny, sad, dramatic and fulfilling. Oh, and it has some great Bruce Springsteen songs!

I have this magnet hanging on my refrigerator, I've had it for years. It's a print of Eileen Colton's original photograph of Bruce Springsteen and Clarence Clemons from Washington, DC in 1984. There's also an 8x10 and 11/14 white mat print available.

Nancy Horowitz puts vintage concert tees onto distressed flannel shirts. Her Etsy shop has 6 different Springsteen versions. We all know Bruce loves flannel!

Happy Holidays one and all! I hope everyone receives something Springsteen this year!



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