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Video Post, Bruce Springsteen Kilkenny, 5/12/24

Bruce surprised the early crowd with a preshow acoustic rendition of This Hard Land, the very song that closed his previous performance at Kilkenny. As if that weren't enough, he kicked off the show with a live debut of A Rainy Night in Soho. Oh yeah, he also got stuck in the crowd during Hungry Heart and it was hilarious.


This Hard Land (preshow, tour debut)

1. A Rainy Night in Soho (live debut)

2. Lonesome Day

3. Candy's Room

4. Adam Raised a Cain

5. Prove It All Night

6. Darlington County

7. No Surrender

8. Seeds

9. Ghosts

10. The Promised Land

11. If I Was the Priest

12. Spirit in the Night

13. Hungry Heart


15. Racing in the Street

16. Last Man Standing

17. Backstreets

18. Because the Night

19. She's the One

20. Wrecking Ball

21. The Rising

22. Badlands

23. Thunder Road

24. Land of Hope and Dreams

25. Born to Run

26. Bobby Jean

27. Glory Days

28. Dancing in the Dark

29.Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out

30. Twist and Shout

31. I'll See You in My Dreams

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