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VIDEOS: Springsteen on Fallon, with Bleachers, in SNL promos -- it's the weekend of Bruce!

Bruce Springsteen is everywhere, folks -- and I know from some of the chatter among my online Bruce buds that I'm not the only one who's getting anxious about it.

I'm sure he's being careful and everything, but this is not the summer's pandemic -- it's ugly out there. And there's Bruce on rooftops with Jack Antonoff, packed in with the band, Timothée Chalamet and Cecily Strong (masked, thank goodness) to plug Saturday's SNL appearance, and even sitting right down the couch from Jimmy Fallon -- he couldn't have phoned that one in from the SNL green room, just to play it safe?

We really can't blame Garry Tallent for saying thanks but no thanks to this one, but since it's all underway, we might as well enjoy it. And Bruce's stop on Tonight was maybe his best interview there during the Fallon era -- Jimmy wasn't nearly as fawn-y as usual. (He was still obsequious, sure, but he mostly just got out of the way.)

You can watch below as Bruce describes his motivations for "Letter to You," how it covers the arc of his life and career, and even how we might someday see a Springsteen Christmas album -- but probably not.

Meanwhile, the gang (especially Stevie) gets into some comedy, and shows off some stylin' face wear, in the promos for SNL:

And in case you missed it, here's Bruce social distancing from the rest of Bleachers for what is actually a darn good video for a really good song, "Chinatown."

And as if that wasn't enough, Bruce also took time out to officially announce Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as Time's collective "Person of the Year" -- which I'm pretty sure they did just to troll Donald Trump, but I'll take it.

Also worth noting: "Letter To You" has been sadly absent from year-end best lists so far -- what gives?? -- but the Associated Press ranked it at No. 5. "Opening up about his friends who have died, Springsteen’s voice is beautifully aching and gritty on this excellent rock album that screams PLAY ME LIVE!," declares Mesfin Fekadu.

Check back Sunday for a Springsteen-on-SNL report!



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