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Watch: Bruce Springsteen joins Paul McCartney AGAIN — this time at Glastonbury

OK, it's one thing for Bruce Springsteen to trot on over to MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, basically a stone's throw from his Colts Neck abode, to sit in with Paul McCartney, which as we all know he did earlier this month. But to hightail it all the way over to England — Pilton, Somerset, England, to be precise — to do it, well, that's getting pretty serious.

That's exactly what happened Saturday night when Bruce popped in on Sir Paul at the Glastonbury Festival, for a show that the BBC is already calling a top-ten concert for McCartney. They did the same two songs as in Jersey, "Glory Days" and "I Wanna Be Your Man" — although the duo was rumored to have soundchecked "Loose Ends" (in addition to "Twist & Shout"), which I predict would have made Stevie Van Zandt faint dead away.

As if that weren't enough, Dave Grohl also showed up for the 36-song concert, in his first public appearance since the tragic loss of Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins. Grohl and McCartney tackled "I Saw Her Standing There," and Grohl and Springsteen both returned for "The End," the final track from "Abbey Road," which closed the show.

You can watch the clips below, and meanwhile, you can say you heard it here first: I predict so much fun was had by all that we might be seeing a revamped Traveling Wilburys in the near future — Paul, Bruce, Dave, and I don't think we'd have to twist Jeff Lynn's arm. Somebody just has to convince Bob. Who's for it?



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