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What's the best Springsteen cover? Help us compile the list!

It's March, which means it's time for March Madness! No, not the one with college basketball — that one's exhausting. Besides, the correct answer is always Gonzaga, because it sounds like a giant lizard.

No, we're talking Springsteen March Madness, and this year we're looking to figure out which is the Bruce Springsteen cover to rule all Bruce Springsteen covers. But to vote for the best, we need a list to choose from. Enter your favorite Springsteen cover by another artist in the form below, and we'll compile up to 68 options for the final vote.

There are just two rules:

  1. Must be a released studio version. No live versions, and nothing that some jamoke recorded in his den for YouTube.

  2. Must have been released after Bruce's version. So "Blinded by the Light" would count since it came out four years after Bruce's version appeared on "Greetings," but "Hearts of Stone" wouldn't, since Southside Johnny released his version in 1978, and Bruce's version didn't see the (official) light of day (so to speak) until "Tracks."

Go to it, and check back for the final bracket!

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Kate Spencer
Kate Spencer

Born to Run - no contest!

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