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Bruce Springsteen is 70! Here's his birthday news & tribute roundup

Even if you haven't traveled to Paramus, N.J., to sign the 31-foot-high birthday card for Bruce Springsteen -- and if you haven't, why not? -- there are plenty of other ways to mark Bruce's 70th birthday today. (For one thing, you can order the brand-new, first-time-in-paperback second edition of "Glory Days: Springsteen's Greatest Albums" for a mere $5.99 on Amazon -- that's a plug.)

You should also check out our guide to celebrating Brucemas, and our poll results of "The Seven Stages of Springsteen" -- but otherwise, here's a rundown of the tributes and celebrations we've seen so far.

We'll start with a whole passel of 'em from Rolling Stone, which has apparently stopped covering anything else. (OK, the last three are reruns, but that's OK.)

And don't miss these tributes from fans, journalists and the world at large:

"Bruce does not wink at you. Though there is always humor, the show is not ironic. His smile is open. Bruce gives you the truth straight. The set seems entirely honest. That is its appeal." - Wesley Stace

What did we miss? Let us know in the comments. And Bruce, if you're reading, thanks for all the years you've put in so far -- here's to another 70!

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29 de set. de 2019

C. Parker Gallery is hosting a special exhibition, “Growin’ Up - Bruce Springsteen Turns 70” featuring over 150 pieces. From original autographed posters and programs, memorabilia, and a fantastic collection of photographs from photographers Debra Rothenberg, Guy Aceto, mark Weiss, Jeff Ross, Rene Van Dieman, Rocco Coviello and Phil Ceccola. Check out the Facebook page. @Cparkergallery.

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