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Fans are going wild over Springsteen's 'Letter To You' — see for yourself

@DblJerseyGirl, @LontanoJazz and @Gigius70 shared their copies of "Letter To You" with us on Twitter.

The excitement is palpable: E Street Nation is beside itself over the release of Bruce Springsteen's "Letter To You." You can read what the critics and Bruce himself have to say about the much-heralded new release at our news & reviews roundup. But the real proof is in the reaction of fans, who are finding the release a very bright spot in a very bleak year.

Click on the comments icon below to what some of them had to say on our Facebook page:

Meanwhile, we asked fans among our Twitter and Facebook followers to share pictures of their brand new "Letter To You," and got some amazing responses. Check them out in the video below (with my humble addition underneath):

Plus, wants to know what you think -- answer the poll here.

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15 de dez. de 2020

Missed opportunity for SCICTT... just sayin

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