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POLL: Which songs (Springsteen or otherwise) are getting you through?

If there's one thing Bruce Springsteen's "From His Home To Yours" DJ sessions on E Street Radio have shown, it's that in addition to being a legendary artist in his own right, he's a pretty darn good curator as well, dipping deep into music history for soul, blues, country and rock nuggets that help us to better navigate these crazy times.

In addition to providing a much needed respite and some welcome Bruce philosophy, these sessions got us to wondering: What songs are getting you through during these times of shutdowns and quarantines? Springsteen songs, but also tracks from other artists.

With that in mind, below (and also here) is a poll asking just that question -- and to make it really hard, we've limited it to one song from Bruce, and one from another artist that's meant a lot to you in recent months. Please respond by Tuesday, May 12, and we'll use the info to create a pandemic playlist that's bound to help ease the pain. Check back at the end of the week for the results!

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